Thursday, October 19, 2017

So, Who Would Win?: Hellboy VS. Mephisto


Well, it's Thursday and you know what that means?
Why another existing edition of So Who Would Win?, where I pit two characters or two teams, against each other in a dream match version of Mortal Kombat to see who'd be the last man or team standing at the end of it all.

As you know, all this month I've been honoring Halloween with Horror-themed editions of So, Who Would Win?

So far I've pitted Man-Thing against Marvel's Frankenstein and Ghost Rider against Horror movie icon Michael Myers.

This week I'm pitting Mike Mignola's Hellboy against Marvel's answer to Satan himself, Mephisto.

Hey, this one makes more sense than it should considering that Hellboy's an actual demon, who's daddy may or may not be Satan himself. I imagine if Mephisto and Hellboy ever did cross paths, Mephisto would have more fun than a comic would permit in tormenting Hellboy just based off that fact alone.

Let's compare those stats though, shall we?



AbilitiesSuperhuman physical attributes and intelligence

Alright, so right out the gate, despite Hellboy's vast abilities and powers, Mephisto still ridiculously out-powers him, no question about it.


Mephisto is bound by certain rules, no matter how powerful he is, and he can't break those rules and limitations. But he can use his cunning to dance around them.

Hellboy, being skilled in all things arcane and magical after having a lifetime's worth of experience in that area, would be able to deal with all of Mephisto's lies and tricks, especially since he sort of has the inside track on demons, devils, and their methodology. In other words, Hellboy wouldn't be so easily fooled by Mephisto's tricks.

But that doesn't mean Mephisto won't try, or even gain some foothold in the situation by using Hellboy's past and parentage against him.





Who wins and why?

Alright folks, that's all for this week.
Have a good weekend....

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Dream Waves: 80's Squadron Supreme

It's been awhile, but welcome to another edition of Dream Waves, where I present my dream wave of Marvel Legends figures I'd love to see made.

Hopefully from someone from Hasbro reads these, 'cause that'd be awesome.

This time around I'm going with original Squadron Supreme from the 80's, as envisioned and created by Mark Gruenwald and Bob Hall.

Now there's two ways you can make these figures; one is to do it in a series of two box-sets with 6 figures each, or you distribute them in waves.

While the box-set idea would be a nice thing for collectors, you'd be forced to focus only on the original 12 members of the team, and be missing out on the other characters, not to mention the villains.

It makes sense if you have heroes, you have to have villains to go with 'em. And that's who I've included; their villains the Institute of Evil/Redeemers.

So waves it is.
Let's get to it.....

Squadron Supreme Wave 1:

1). Hyperion

Yes, there's already a Hyperion figure made, so I guess Hasbro could skip him, but otherwise I'd go with the masked version, or even the one with green goggles.

2). Power Princess

She's got a number of different looks to choose from, especially if you wanted to add in the Avengers Assemble TV show version too.

3). Doctor Spectrum

Two possible looks here, the first one, or the next one with a cape. Could also come with an unmasked head included.

4). The Whizzer 

Two looks available with this guy.

5). Nighthawk

6). Lamprey

7). Shape

BAF: Ape-X

Squadron Supreme Wave 2:

1). Nuke

2). Lady Lark

Two possible outfits here; earlier or later.

3). Arcanna

4). Blue Eagle

He's got a couple looks, so I'll include some options.

5). Amphibian 

6).  Haywire

7). Mink

BAF: Tom Thumb

Squadron Supreme Wave 3:

1). Golden/Black Archer 

Since there's two versions of this guy, you could go with either version; his original Golden Archer moniker, or the later Black Archer version.

2). Skrullian Skymaster

3). Thermite

4). Moonglow

5). Foxfire

6). Inertia

7). Remnant

BAF: Redstone

Whew, outside of including Pinball(which you could as an extra with some of his fellow teammates) that's all the good and bad guys integrally related to the Squadron Supreme universe.

I'll leave you and Hasbro with some custom made figures of the characters I just listed.

This is funny too though: