Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tales of Marvel Legends and Regrets....

Yes that's right dear friends, daddy got himself some Marvel Legend SWAG, and almost got even  more yesterday.

So I ordered the new ML Bullseye figure from the Marvel Legends Netflix Man-Thing BAF wave, and he is damn nooice!

I mean seriously,  check all the cool shit you get with him!

So in addition to the new and updated Bullseye, I also ordered the 2017 version of the ML Ares figure. He's from the new Thor movie, Gladiator Hulk BAF wave.

He's equally badass, and has much better paint apps and accessories versus the original Ares BAF that came out back in 2007/2008 I believe.

He cost me around $32 in all, but is very well worth it.

See I mainly order these figures off Amazon.com. Why? Distribution of new waves is fucking ATROCIOUS around my area, meaning even though I live on the East Coast, I still live in the south, and for some reason, waves are criminally slow getting sent here. In fact it can take up to a month or two for new waves that have just been released, to finally get their asses onto various stores' shelves around here. Fucking sucks, and that's why I rely on Amazon so heavily, even if I have to pay a little over regular retail price. Fuck it, I want 'em, so I pay.

Anyhoo, but still related to the topic at hand, So yesterday after being bombarded all day by images of action figures thanks to my slavish devotion to the Facebook group, Articulated Comic Book Art, I went to my local Wal-mart, where I went a couple days earlier, and noticed they finally got in the ML Netflix wave. Not all of them, mind you, since they have a fucked up way of divvying up waves, but they did have 2 Daredevils and 2 Punishers. No Jessica Jones, Blade, Elektra, or Bullseye.

I scooped up the better-looking DD and Punisher figures and headed off to checkout. Well I did after much debate. See I already have a bunch of DD and Punisher figures already, so it was a lot harder to commit to buying these guys, even though they look really good and have Man-Thing BAF parts (Ha Ha, he said man-thing parts)

Ultimately I put 'em back and didn't buy them. Why? Just couldn't pull the trigger.
Plus I'm like super broke already even though it's the middle of the month, so it was like, Do I wanna' eat or do I want two action figures that I already have, sorta?

Hopefully they'll still be there, and eventually other figures from that wave show up on the shelves. I really, really want that Jessica Jones and Blade figures, since I have none of either already. I'll be forced to buy that Elektra for the Man-Thing parts (Ha ha you said Man-Thing parts again) And trust me, that wouldn't be the first time I was forced to buy figures I didn't want all for the sake of completing the BAF.

And then there's the Thor: Ragnarok figures too that were supposed to show up at my local Wal-mart last week but didn't. WTF!?

Times like this, I wish, just for the time it takes to get onto the shelves there, I'd live in the Philippines or even out on the West Coast in Cali, just to get first crack at any new waves.

Oh well.....

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

"Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Morbid Street?"

Here's some morbid Sesame Street memes for ya'

Man that Ernie really is a sick bastard. We should've known this as kids, but Bert was like the parent to us, always telling Ernie no, or checking him whenever he's have some hare-brained scheme. Bert was the parent, and Ernie was essentially the kid, and that's why most of us gravitated to and preferred Ernie to Bert. I know I did.

And then you grow up and see for yourself what a mean son of a bitch Ernie really is.

Here, see for yourselves.....

Goddamn Ernie's savage....Bert too.....

Monday, August 14, 2017

How To Trigger The Black Panther

Ever wanted to learn how to "trigger" a Black Panther? You will now.....

To be fair, she really shouldn't have confused him for Bagheera....

Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Red Hood (Jason Todd) VS. Daken


It's that time again kids, time once again for everyone's favorite week-ending column, So Who Would Win?

This week I'm pitting A former Bat-sidekick against the son of a certain famous Canadian mutant who's also boasting about being the Best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will- oops, wrong Canadian, ha ha. Actually it's Wolverine.

It's Daken, Wolverine's son, going up against the black sheep of the Bat-family, Jason Todd, a.k.a. the Red Hood.

Here's the stats for the two killers, as we compare them, seeing just how they stack up against each other on paper so to speak:


AbilitiesExcellent martial artist
Superhuman physical attributes
Accelerated healing factor
Retractable claws
Hyper senses
Pheromone manipulation
Immunity to telepathy

The Red Hood:

  • Skilled martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant
  • Skilled marksman
  • Utilizes firearms and high-tech equipment

Now as you can clearly see, Todd seems to be at a distinct disadvantage due not possessing any super powers at all, especially none at the level and degree that Daken has. Still never, ever underestimate Jason Todd's resourcefulness, as he's shown time and time again, to underestimate him is a deadly mistake to make.

No doubt Jason would study Daken for any weaknesses and proceed from there if given that luxury, otherwise he'll have to so some very quick-like assessments on the spot as it happens.

He's definitely going to have to rely on all of his Bat-training and then some to counteract Daken's healing factor and pheromones.


The Red Hood (Jason Todd)



Who wins and why?
Let me know who you think is the last progeny-standing in the comments' section below.

Have a good week everybody.....