Thursday, November 16, 2017

So, Who Would Win?: Deadpool VS. The Creeper


Have you guys seen the new trailer for Deadpool 2 yet?
If not please do yourself a favor and do it now.
Goddamn it's funny. Plus the fact that he parodies my man Bob Ross is another bonus.
Can you catch all the movie references during the roster call of colors?
Can't fucking wait to 'till this comes out.

Speaking of Deadpool, you know what time it is; it's that time of the week where I pit characters from the world of comics or movies or pop culture against each other in a battle to the death to see who would win.

This week I'm pitting Deadpool against what I feel is his TRUE DC Comics equivalent, Steve Ditko's The Creeper.

Hey they are...And that's the bottom line 'cause Mr. Morbid said so!

I mean if you've been a regular reader/follower of my blog, you'll know I was using the Creeper as my stand-in for Deadpool in skits in the days I didn't own a Deadpool figure yet.  They just have so many similarities, especially a wicked sense of humor and snarky/smart-ass-ness I love so much and they do oh so well.

Let's get straight to the stats and see just how similar they are, shall we?


-The Creeper:
AbilitiesExpert hand-to-hand combatant
Adept martial artist
Superhuman strength, agility and stamina
Greatly enhanced speed and reflexes
Healing factor
Physically painful laughter
Ability to climb on walls

See? Told you they were similar, with the exception of Deadpool being a weapons guy and the Creeper having a regular human alter ego, super-strength, and madness-inducing laughter, although with 'Pool's mental state and healing factor, I'm not sure that'd even work. Probably wouldn't knowing 'Pool.




The Creeper

Who wins and why?
Let me know who you think is the last insane hero standing after this one's all said and done in the comments' section.

Now that I think about it, it's waaaaaay past due that 'Pool and Creepy hash it out once and for all, especially they both claim to be Nightcrawler's best bud (Trust me between here and Googum's universe, they both have equal rights to that claim)

Yeah I'm definitely gonna' gave to get on that, and I will faithful readers.....soon.

Oh, one last Deadpool-related comment before I peace out this bitch,
I ordered the Gamestop-exclusive Deadpool Back in Black Marvel Legends figure.

If this version isn't familiar to you,  go read the Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars mini-series, where Deadpool was ret-conned (sorta') to have participated in the original 1984 Secret Wars event....it's just that nobody remembers he was there.

 So you know how Spider-Man used that alien machine to repair his torn costume? And you remember how he got bonded to the alien symbiote that later became Venom?
 Yeah well apparently Deadpool used it first, and it really fucked the symbiote up, kind of explaining why it acted the way it did when it was bonded to Spidey. Good stuff.

 He's supposed to arrive later today, so I'll let you guys know how it went, but he looks so damn good even if it's basically a repaint of the recent ML Juggernaut BAF wave figure. But he does comes with tendrils and a repainted head from the ML Superior Venom figure, as well as a set of clawed Venom hands you can switch out with his regular hands. 

Alright kids, that's me for this week.
Have a good one......

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Morbid Memes: ET

Who's up for some nice, homemade, morbid memes?
'Cause Mr. Morbid got your hookup, and oh look, it's one the 80's most famous and iconic aliens, E.T.

Damn, you nasty ET!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Doom Patrol Preppers

Yeah it's not exactly like those Hellboy movies were a cake walk to make. Just ask director Guillermo Del Toro all about that.

Speaking of, even though they're not using Ron Perelman in the role again, the new guy, David Harbour, sure looks every damn bit the part!

Here, look for yourself if you haven't already:
    Yeah, Hellboy 3 will be amaze-balls.

Oh that reminds me! Remember a couple weeks ago when Hellboy was giving Marvel's Morbius the Living Vampire, shit for not being more mainstream popular?

Here's the link of you don't remember:
Go ahead, I'll wait.

Done? Good.

So apparently Morbius is getting a live-action movie made, or at least is in the process of happening:

So far the two main writers of that awful Power Rangers reboot movie are the ones attached to this product, so we'll see how it goes.

Better have an R rating though if they want it to have a chance to be good of being successful.
Or at the very least a STRONG PG-13 rating.

Monday, November 13, 2017

"I Be Stroking!"

I imagine the suit comes with its own lubrication though, so there's that.....

My God the flood of sexual harassment accusations are just flooding out of Hollyweird at the moment. Louis C.K., George Takei (Big surprise there right?), Brett Ratner, Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, the list is seemingly endless at this point.

I'm not complaining mind you, as it's way past time those crimes finally came to light, exposing the perpetrators for what they are. But why now? Something's up.

Oh and if today's title sound familiar, that's 'cause it should:

Ahhh yes, good ol' Clarence Carter.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

So, Who Would Win?: The Green Goblin Vs. The Joker


Welcome to another edition of So, Who Would Win?, where I pit two individuals or teams from the comic book world against each other to see who would be the last man or team standing after everything's said and done.

For today, I'm pitting two well-known villainous psychopaths against each other, with the Green Goblin taking on the Joker.

Ok, so obviously this one has the potential to be over really quick right? I mean we all know how ridiculously over- and out-powered the Joker seems to be in this scenario.

Or is he?

You know what time is don't you? That's right, it's time to compare the stats....

-The Green Goblin:
  • Superhuman strength, stamina, durability, agility and reflexes due to ingesting the Goblin Formula
  • Regenerative healing factor
  • Genius-level intellect
  • Skilled in hand-to-hand combat and martial arts
  • Uses goblin-themed weapons and a Goblin Glider which has a variety of offensive weapons as paraphernalia

-The Joker:
  • Criminal mastermind
  • Expert chemist
  • Utilizes weaponized props and toxins

Well doesn't look good for Mistah J now does it?

Now sure, both men are great and thinking up and creating deadly gadgets for their respective arch-foes, not to mention both being certifiably certified, but to me it comes down Osborn having the superior strength and resource overall.

Even if the Joker could match Osborn in tricks and healing ability, he can't outmatch in the strength or resource department, and that may be all the Goblin needs to close the deal and take out the Joker once and for all.

As to how and why these two are fighting each other....well let's just say maybe they've heard of each other and Osborne thinks he can use the Joker for his own ends and vice-versa.

The Joker, knowing about Osborn's ongoing issues with his mental instability, decides to use that information to his advantage, and eventually does exactly what Loki did to Osborn prior to Siege, and make Osborn crack up and allow the Goblin personality to takeover.

It does.  Except it doesn't ALL go to plan like the Joker thought, and now he's having to deal with a very insane and pissed off Green Goblin.

Of course you shouldn't ever underestimate the Joker's resourcefulness either....


The Green Goblin


The Joker

Who wins and why?

That's me for this week, go home, smell ya' later!